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Shannon Busse

Shannon Busse

Shannon Busse helps speakers + entrepreneurs stop being invisible by finding and leveraging their stories to create a captivated audience and connected clients.

Story Strategist
Brave Brands

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When Shannon Busse found herself in the middle of a life narrative that someone else was writing, she decided it was time to start creating a new story. She’d been using her camera to truly SEE people, but true strength and impact don’t come from what people look like - they come from who they are. And THAT is found in their STORIES, so Shannon combined her photography insight, writing skills, a communications degree, and some serious strategy and created a simple method to teach speakers + entrepreneurs how to find their stories and use them effectively to align and inspire everyone in their sphere of influence...including themselves.

She provides story coaching, story mapping, story writing, and story-based messaging development. She works with thought leaders, and changemakers to find + tell the stories that create the greatest impact. She firmly believes that shifting the narratives that we tell ourselves and others leads to endless possibilities.

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